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Tips for Graduates

Graduates with their graduation Council's aim is to help our readers not only to manage the high school diploma, but the study in general. We deal with different techniques for the most effective learning, we will give you tips on handling issues of graduation, we'll keep you posted highlighting important dates and have some fun you pearls since graduation.

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Tips for Graduates Added:1.1. 2008 7:52

Poll: How do today's college students preparing for graduation?

New year here, and graduation is a little closer. Maybe you've already started preparing for it, maybe leaving it at the last minute. Council experienced but fits all. In our survey so we can study how to prepare today's college graduation.

Tips for Graduates Added:23.12. 2007 9:25

Poll among high school graduates

The latest date by which must submit applications to most colleges, is fast approaching – after all, until last February has left just over two months. Already, however, we addressed a number of graduates this year in Prague and asked whether and how the admission examination is currently under construction.

Tips for Graduates Added:23.11. 2007 7:30


The time remaining until the receipt of applications for university, is running out. Many graduates are only now is starting to seriously think about what the school actually intend to continue their studies. Right now you can decide next year whether he will happily rub your hand or your thinking repeat. Nepíchejte pencil on the list of schools and proceed with caution.

Tips for Graduates Added:3.11. 2007 7:12

Stužkovací party, it is fun, and thanks formalities

In the life of fourth grade students in high school there are several milestones that help to overcome the tedious sessions at school, long learning and fear of examinations, which parents attach great importance – of graduation. The first of these milestones is undoubtedly stužkovací party.

Tips for Graduates Added:6.10. 2007 7:36


When to apply to college? How many times do I participate in international comparative tests? What is the difference between stužkovacím parties and graduation ball? In the following article you will be guided core grade graduation events.

Tips for Graduates Added:3.10. 2007 10:15


As one would not have enough other troubles, teachers often stores attended the third or fourth years of secondary school a difficult task: to develop a seminar paper.

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