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Tips for Graduates

Graduates with their graduation Council's aim is to help our readers not only to manage the high school diploma, but the study in general. We deal with different techniques for the most effective learning, we will give you tips on handling issues of graduation, we'll keep you posted highlighting important dates and have some fun you pearls since graduation.

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Pearls of graduation 3 Added:1.6. 2011 6:09

Pearls of graduation 3

Maturity we have underway. Some succeeded, others did not. But whatever it turned out however, eventually no one will remember the signs, but the situations and stories that make „a test of maturity“ unique and unforgettable.

What is said about graduation: magic and superstition Added:6.5. 2011 8:24

What is said about graduation: magic and superstition

Every major event attracted almost magically rumors, rumors and gossip of all kinds. Instructions on how to ensure success without work and with simple operations, attracting people for ages. And school-leavers in particular. Read, therefore, what you are guaranteed (not) help!

Poll: How the oral GCSE? Added:4.5. 2011 9:06

Poll: How the oral GCSE?

Waiting will soon present final year students of secondary schools called the state graduation. But even that is oral, so we asked eight graduates last year for tips on how best to succeed. Almost everyone recommends, systematic training, confidence and a smile on his lips. And not to fear the teachers – most of them are supposedly good and trying to help maturantům.

Graduation: you can still catch Added:4.4. 2011 6:18

Graduation: you can still catch

In some cases it seems that time flies faster than it used meaningfully news production. Předmaturitní period is exactly this case. Our grand plans for a thorough preparation are slip and some of them wake up in the morning with a strange feeling in my stomach. Good news: It can still catch a lot!

What to watch out for Czech language GCSE advises John Hamsters Added:23.3. 2011 4:33

What to watch out for Czech language GCSE advises John Hamsters

State graduation is a big bugbear of all students. How to fight not to lose it and how to succeed especially in the Czech language teacher advises John hamster.

State graduation abroad: Slovakia Added:31.1. 2011 11:04

State graduation abroad: Slovakia

State graduation is no Czech news in many countries, leaving state-graduate students for several years. The nearest one is for us to Slovakia, where the students pass the state examination in adulthood for the sixth time this year. How the neighbors runs?

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