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Tips for Graduates

Graduates with their graduation Council's aim is to help our readers not only to manage the high school diploma, but the study in general. We deal with different techniques for the most effective learning, we will give you tips on handling issues of graduation, we'll keep you posted highlighting important dates and have some fun you pearls since graduation.

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Tips for Graduates Added:31.10. 2009 6:57

POLL: Gaudeamus Why?

Attendance this year's fair Gaudeamus universities reached a record number of 32,918 visitors. Some of them have asked, what are the intentions of the Gaudeamus and whence they came apart very Gaudeamu sources for information about how their future studies.

Tips for Graduates Added:19.9. 2009 7:31

Guide graduation year

Last year in high school can mean growing submarine illness, stress and worry, but also unforgettable experiences that former classmates remember the encounters over the years. What is therefore prepared in a nutshell?

Tips for Graduates Added:29.5. 2009 7:56

What are the alternatives to study at university?

Not get you to your dream school, admission will only slipped a few points, or have finally decided that the university is not the place for you? The reasons may be different, but now you stand before deciding what to do. What are the options if one chooses the study after graduation high school?

Pearls from maturities 2 Added:7.5. 2009 7:29

Pearls from maturities 2

Stress before graduation slowly reaches its peak, and maybe it will appear as a nightmare. Because of growing pressure from all sides, deserve the opportunity to lighten the situation a bit. Therefore, we have prepared the funniest records of statements uttered by the GCE your predecessors.

Tips for Graduates Added:1.5. 2009 7:22

Poll: Secondary school or college life?

College life is surrounded by many legends. The best years of his life, an endless party, open the gates to the world. College life is really so much better than high school? It also has some downsides? When asked whether they would elect a high school or college life, current undergraduates answered.

Tips for Graduates Added:27.4. 2009 7:38

Step by step: Month to maturity - you can still catch?

It's not last even a full four weeks for the final year students of secondary schools and grammar schools of the final settlement occurs. If you are one, or one of them, surely, you start clutching little stomach at the thought of quickly passing time. Nothing is as dramatic as it may seem, can still handle some things.

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