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Tips for Graduates

Graduates with their graduation Council's aim is to help our readers not only to manage the high school diploma, but the study in general. We deal with different techniques for the most effective learning, we will give you tips on handling issues of graduation, we'll keep you posted highlighting important dates and have some fun you pearls since graduation.

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Tips for Graduates Added:8.3. 2009 1:15

Interview with a psychologist: how to teach well in school diploma?

With the calendar page odtrženými 2009 Spring is coming and with it the shadow called „graduation“ is given concrete shape. Baccalaureate underway written in longer hours to discuss the new material and testing of graduation issues intensifies. The remaining D-Day less than three months. About how the remaining weeks of the most streamlined learning, we talked with a psychologist Miroslav Šipula.

Tips for Graduates Added:21.2. 2009 7:38

Poll: How do students prepare for graduation?

„Have you not coming,“ we hear daily from our teachers in connection with the GCSE? How are your competitors – this year's graduates – at the beginning of February? Prepare before? It told us in the next poll.

Tips for Graduates Added:25.12. 2008 7:53

Soc: best opportunity to show what you can

It tells you something SOČ acronym? If not, do not despair – everything that you so-called Secondary professional activities could (or should) interest, I will tell you the following article.

Tips for Graduates Added:15.12. 2008 7:38

Step by step: Why do university study?

As graduates you hear and think about high school day. Consideration of the fields and options, but you certainly have brought the issue much more serious and more general: it makes sense to go to college? It is better to find a comfortable place to have your own money and get rid once and for all tests and learning? The reasons why the university ultimately choose, this article offers.

Tips for Graduates Added:1.12. 2008 7:29

Step by step: Problems with learning? Psychologist will help the internet

Have you ever felt that nothing we are not able, that you have teachers or unmanageable demands that you take an exam for which you have so long been prepared, such a window that do not go no sound? Sometimes, although stress may be less good impetus to greater performance, but all too bad …

Tips for Graduates Added:24.11. 2008 7:54

List of academic titles and their correct spelling

Ph.D., DSc., Bc – you're not sure what's going on? To avoid the usual trapasům, we have prepared an overview of academic titles used in the Czech Republic.

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