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Oral Interview

The oral interview will sooner or later meets each of us, whether during exams or when applying for a job. The goal is clear: to leave the best impression. But how to do it? How to get rid of stage fright what to wear and how not to show nervousness? It is these problems will help you solve the section oral interview.

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Oral interview: what to wear? Psychology of Color

Oral interview: what to wear? Psychology of Color

It is said that the first view is most important. Aside, what's the truth…

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Oral Interview: What to expect Added:7.6. 2008 7:06
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:39

Oral Interview: What to expect

Although no longer enough fields, where you take an oral entrance exam, meet with her can. I was „lucky“ and did just three. What looks like an oral exam and what you are asking? There are several questions and situations you will encounter almost everywhere. If you know about them, you can prepare for them and certainly will not shock many.

Oral Interview: What to bring Added:5.6. 2008 10:18
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:31

Oral Interview: What to bring

Entrance exams for high school graduates are the second, although in scope somewhat smaller test adulthood. Most fields only print the written test. No wonder – where the number of candidates registered in the four-digit numbers should be made an oral interview is very difficult.

Learn body language without embellishments and grace Added:18.9. 2007 7:57

Learn body language without embellishments and grace

Who ever gave a moment at least the rhetoric and nonverbal communication, surely knows that a substantial part of the course formed the rules for how to act decently and his counterpart according to the label. Podvůdky tricks and unethical to label as inappropriate, and used only as a cautionary tale. This is now over. German teacher teaches rhetoric Gloria Beck, both without curls and attention to achieve their goals.

Oral Interview Added:12.6. 2006 12:46
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:29

Special - Interview at the entrance VI.

In this special interview at the entrance you have over the past few weeks have made preparation for the oral round of admission. We would like to wish you much success and still connecting to the conclusion a brief summary of what you have in our series were removed. 1st First impression – is during the first few seconds, he positively influence the need to smile (Article III) 2nd Body…

Oral Interview Added:6.6. 2006 12:21
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:28

SPECIAL - Interview at the entrance V.

Some nervousness during interviews can not help but none of us. At the conclusion of our special to share a few tricks on how to get rid of stage fright.

Oral Interview Added:29.5. 2006 6:00
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:27

SPECIAL - Interview at the entrance IV.

It fills you with horror the idea of ​​oral admission procedure? Do not worry, I'm sure you're not alone. One of the ways to increase your chances is to try to prepare for questions during the interview that might fail.

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