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Oral Interview

The oral interview will sooner or later meets each of us, whether during exams or when applying for a job. The goal is clear: to leave the best impression. But how to do it? How to get rid of stage fright what to wear and how not to show nervousness? It is these problems will help you solve the section oral interview.

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SPECIAL - Interview at the entrance III. Added:22.5. 2006 7:00
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:27

SPECIAL - Interview at the entrance III.

Erect mediator or eyes – and everything is clear even without words. Because body language to clearly include an oral interview, we decided to call your attention to several attractions that you might find useful.

Oral Interview Added:15.5. 2006 7:00
Updated:20.3. 2011 12:25

SPECIAL - Interview II at the entrance.

Are you a laid-back, in which all things fit in your pocket or pečlivky what would need help from the mover? Whatever way or another, this time to advise you what you should not let the words spoken at home.

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Updated:20.3. 2011 12:22

SPECIAL - Interview at the entrance I

All of it we have so little fear. Lump in the throat and the sweat on his temples čůrky … What are we talking about? Yes – the oral round of the entrance!

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