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Added:30.11. 2009 7:27

Students in the Slovak Republic: current trends

It is true that the Czech Republic can legitimately boast universities that are an annual attraction of hundreds of students from abroad. An exception are neither Slovaks …

Added:21.10. 2009 7:05

Postgraduate study abroad - both for him?

If you choose a master's degree, or you decide to add vocational education, look to offer foreign schools – it may surprise you pleasantly. The following article contains a summary of knowledge that I gained when deciding to study abroad.

Added:16.10. 2009 7:24

CEEPUS - to travel comfortably for a study!

The most popular program, foreign students eager to experience is undoubtedly the famous Erasmus, but also has its limitations: for example, it is not possible to pass several times for study and grants are not sky-high. One of the alternatives can then be CEEPUS program …

Added:11.8. 2009 7:17

What is it like being a foreign student in the Czech Republic?

Not only from the Czech Republic goes for education students to other states, occurs the opposite process. Their experience and insights to share with us Senichev Valery (23) from Minsk, a student of psychology at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. What are the pitfalls and how to meet them in our study (in Belarus) his eyes?

Added:5.8. 2009 7:06

Martin K., Berlin: Even if the man wanted to roll, so it can not

Kohnova Martin (27) comes originally from Pribram. During his studies, and Germanic italistiky the Faculty of Arts went on Erasmus to Berlin. Originally year stay became a regular full-time studies at the Freie Universität in Berlin. What advice to those who are considering studying in Germany?

Added:17.7. 2009 2:50

Travel until we are young!

The following article is intended for all those interested in travel, who prefer organized expeditions, but still looking boring „classics“ and not at all overpriced offerings. We introduce you to several travel agencies and offices, which attract mainly young customers in an unconventional route plans and student discounts.

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