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Postgraduate study abroad: What are the options? Added:27.6. 2011 5:57

Postgraduate study abroad: What are the options?

Dobojovali you have a war with the university and the name of your Master's or engineering degree, but leave the student life you want more? Option is to continue to postgraduate study. Not necessarily just about vocational training scientists – may be also the last opportunity to take advantage of student benefits and spend some time abroad.

Study in Germany Added:20.6. 2011 6:14

Study in Germany

Study in Germany might not look appealing at first glance, not look to the exotic coasts, but … Germany offers quality, affordable college education. Due to strong business contacts between Czech and German companies in the future will not have a problem with the application.

How to study in France Added:6.6. 2011 7:26

How to study in France

France is the land of wine, cheese, Gothic cathedrals, but also science. Studying in France is relatively well for the Czechs and available from various European institutions may also obtain financial support. Whether you want to go to France for a year or three, the experience certainly will not regret it.

To work in Europe? First you find all the essential Added:23.5. 2011 7:42

To work in Europe? First you find all the essential

People have different reasons for why go abroad to work – whether it's an effort to gain experience, improve your language skills or combine work with study abroad, or even a desire to change the environment. Although after the Czech Republic to the EU conditions in much simplified, still remains a number of obligations that must be met for such a trip.

Summer Tip: volunteer work in Northern Ireland Added:28.3. 2011 5:02

Summer Tip: volunteer work in Northern Ireland

Veronica Matoušová spent three months as a volunteer working with disabled people in Northern Ireland. What is it like to work in the community Camphillského movement?

Added:16.3. 2011 5:13
Updated:18.3. 2011 2:31

Portugal: Erasmus University, inspired by JK Rowling

Port wine, fado, but also students in robes and gavel banging his head. This is Portugal, as we know Pantůčková Sarka (22). The Portuguese Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University for one semester she traveled to Porto.

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