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Added:6.11. 2004 12:12

Brigades unconventionally

We bring you a few tips and tutorials, where everywhere can be during the summer to earn money. For inspiration, we present some experience from you. As you can see paths to money and new experiences can be very diverse …

Added:15.2. 2004 11:00

Student movement:

Movement of the Young Greens in the Czech Republic is relatively new, created in early 2001. Immediately after its founding, the movement incorporated into the Federation of Young European Greens, which comprises about 40 different groups from almost all European countries.

Added:12.5. 2003 11:29

Living in Brno?

We asked students at Masaryk University for their living past, present and future … Where do they live? What is true? And especially, how to deal or cope with new situations allocation colleges at MU.

Added:11.5. 2003 10:39

Student Movement for the third time - an interview with V. Pioreckým

Our series of mapping the student movement in the continuing real gems. The third installment is finally is, wonder of wonders, the student movement with all the trimmings. Student initiative is based in Brno, in fall 1997 called the Independent Social Ecological Movement, or NESEHNUTÍ. We bring you an exclusive interview with one of its activists, media otřelým Viktor Pioreckým.

Added:21.4. 2003 10:17

Student Movement I

There is no movement as a movement. The visible decline of student movements, about which I write in the introduction of the first post is probably legal reasons. Specifically, paragraph two, paragraph ten of the Higher Education Act …

Added:7.4. 2003 4:10

Student Initiatives

In the coming months we will be regularly provided to acquaint the student with the various interest groups and organizations.

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