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Where to apply for scholarships for study in the Republic? Added:19.12. 2008 12:04

Where to apply for scholarships for study in the Republic?

The scholarship is financial aid for students and young scientists and is usually awarded on the basis of exceptional and creative learning outcomes or the social or industry criteria.

Added:30.10. 2008 11:43

Rules of student brigades

How many hours per week allowed students to work, what is the current minimum wage and how it differs agreement on job descriptions and contract of work?

Added:14.9. 2008 7:13

I am a student. Olomócký student

Olomouc is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Czech towns and everyone here who spend their upcoming summer study also sure to ready many cultural experience. If you're among them, then you definitely interested but also many other and perhaps more practical information than just a tip on a free Sunday …

Added:12.9. 2008 7:20

Interview with the Rector of BUT only for tuition

„I agree with the fees charged, which is not discriminatory for the socially weaker students. But if the politicians paid much attention to the issue of funding for universities and quality of universities such as today are devoted to the issue of tuition fees, I think it would be far more useful,“ he said in an interview with Finance. en Karel Rais, Rector of BUT.

Added:9.8. 2008 7:18

I am a student. Opava student

Step by step, first-year fixed with a little smile on his face. The following article will advise you how to do it.

Added:26.7. 2008 8:11

I am a student. Hradecky student

Are you planning a vacation the first academic year in Hradec Kralove? We have prepared an overview of basic information before you study in this university town will be useful.

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