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Distance Education Study, or through the computer! Added:17.5. 2010 7:05

Distance Education Study, or through the computer!

The development of new technologies, the increasing willingness of people to invest in their own education, but perhaps a bit hectic and time associated with work and eternal „nicnestíháním“ caused that offer degree programs and courses at our universities increasingly find the opportunity to study the so-called distance form. But what actually constitutes such a way of studying?

Catch up. I study in combination Added:2.5. 2010 7:09

Catch up. I study in combination

„For all the time …,“ such a tune could become the anthem of the combined study. Squeeze job, family, friends, interests, and the school day is often čtyřiadvaceti­hodinového superhuman task. It's possible at least in part, a quiet mind?

Added:3.3. 2010 7:26

Evening schools as a way to graduation and the high

If you always when you say „night school“, imagine a round grizzled fellow students with an imaginary Humpolec aluminum from the leader, who is fiercely trying to catch up with their knowledge in classrooms, then you are very close to what this type of study represents. It's not nearly all.

Added:22.2. 2010 7:49

Studying at university can be at any age

University gates are truly open to all interested parties. Evidence of this let him be the third age university programs focusing on personal interests of seniors. Those not only provide education at university level, but also a superstructure in the form of new contacts, meetings and experiences.

Added:21.1. 2010 7:01

Student in thirty-five: Are you nervous

After graduating from high school. This is the logical path of most students. Some, however, the quest for higher education somewhat delayed. Some do not marry and must try their luck again next year. Some try to take advantage of youth and over again will sit in lecture halls, pick one or two years experience abroad. As it looks, but when this delay lasts for fifteen years? A study with three children, work, and thirty of the neck, we had a chat with the social worker Teresa Fojtíková.

Added:10.11. 2009 7:48

Children's Corners in universities

Return to the classroom can be a longer pause harder than you yourself expect. Some opt for further study after maternity leave – a bit forced, but no doubt beautiful isolation. But how to entertain kids at times when the students re-moms and dads need not rebound on the study, a lecture or exam? Fortunately, there are high schools that parents have decided to accommodate the establishment of children's corner right on campus.

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