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Added:8.12. 2008 7:32

Conditions for admission to university

Read what conditions must you meet to be admitted to study at university, and how and when the College to disclose information about the filing, which publishes information about the admission procedure.

Added:5.12. 2008 7:01

Ethics and etiquette on campus

Honesty, ethics and the basics of social etiquette are an essential means of obtaining true professionalism. Do you know what you put in communication on campus care?

Added:7.10. 2008 7:57

I am a student. Liberec student.

Are you thinking about that next year you started studying in Liberec? Or do you have in this town just got to start to look round the school and how it's going? We have basic information and useful tips to start.

Added:1.9. 2008 7:38
Updated:6.6. 2011 10:33

Keep ahead of the others - the zero year of study!

You have certainly heard about the possibility of studying the so-called zero grade. Currently, this topic probably most interested in those who are at high entrance into happiness and smile now consider how complete annual break. Preparing for the successful management of coming to the entrance so it seems to be a good solution. Note: Article was the 6th 6th 2011 to date. (KAV)

Added:4.8. 2008 7:40
Updated:6.6. 2011 10:31

"Not taken / and"

So there you have it. Did you enter all your forces in preparation for entrance exams, in my head are plotted to spend another fabulous summer of student life, are looking forward to new friends … and then we came a curt „not adopted / and“. The following article will, however, confirm that it still is not a tragedy – the possibility, what then is still pretty.

Note: Article was the 6th 6th Updated in 2011. (KAV)

Added:23.6. 2008 7:13

How to write a successful appeal

Once you pass the greatest disappointment that you did not get the school to which you want to get most of all, it's time to try to do something. Appeal. What should contain in order to have a chance of success?

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